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The First Tree Build 2018.01.08 (Update 3) - RELOADED

The First Tree is an emotionally touching story in which you play as a fox who is trying to find his family. While you control the fox, the story line will be intertwined with another character — a boy who decided to find his father. Although the game has many different puzzles, and the characters are well-opened, yet the game is short and is designed for one evening. It’s like an interactive soul story, in which you will take a direct part.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP SP2+
Processor: 2.4GHz CPU Dual Core
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 260X with 1GB Memory
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes: Only the Xbox 360 controller for PC is officially compatible


  1. Mount rld-thfitr.iso with Alcohol 120% or similar program.
  2. Run setup.exe from the root folder inside the image or wait for autorun.
  3. Install the game in the preferred directory, following the instructions of the installer.
  4. Run setup.exe from the update folder of The.First.Tree.Update.20170916-BAT and unpack the update into the directory with the game installed.
  5. Run setup.exe from the update folder of The.First.Tree.Update.v20171016-BAT and unpack the update files to the directory with the game installed. At the end of the process, tick the box Run runPatch.exe and, after clicking Finish, wait until the game files are automatically updated.
  6. Run setup.exe from the update folder of The.First.Tree.Update.v20180108-BAT and unpack the update files to the directory with the game installed.
  7. Copy the contents of the crack folder from the directory that corresponds to the last installed update to the folder with the game and agree to replace the files.
  8. Click on the desktop shortcut on the desktop, running it as administrator (Right-click on the shortcut ⇛ Properties ⇛ Compatibility ⇛ Run this program as administrator).
  9. To learn the philosophy of life and death in this allegorical journey full of boundless freedom, despair of despair and saving hope, surrounded by a charming wildlife and its inhabitants with mesmerizing melodic accompaniments.
    To avoid confusion, disable your antivirus for the time of all the above manipulations. It is also recommended that all new files be added to the list of exclusion checks for your antivirus software.
    ATTENTION! To change the language of the game interface, open it using Notepad D: The First Treesteam_api.ini (where D is the local drive on which you installed the game, and The First Tree is the root folder with the game installed) and replace the Language = english line with Language = russian or any other language supported by the game. The language of the story subtitles can be changed through the settings in the in-game menu.
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  • Release Name: The First Tree Build 2018.01.08 (Update 3)
  • Releaser: RELOADED
  • Version: Build 2018.01.08 (Update 3)
  • Total size: 2.33 GB

Key Releases

​Recently, more and more often in the gaming industry begin to appear projects, radically different from the classical idea of the gameplay of quests. Instead of some active actions and events happening on the screen, the player is given the opportunity to get a unique experience of passing a calm, measured, a kind of meditative storyline. In the center of attention is placed the atmosphere and those emotions and emotions of the player that it causes, immersing the user in the in-game world with the help of a beautifully told story, suitable music and unique, hand-drawn graphics. The plot unfolds around two stories, surprisingly intersecting. The first one will tell us about the interesting and touching adventure of a fox seeking his family. The second tells of a boy who is also looking for his relative — his father. What will these characters have to face, and what will they find — the source of life, the understanding of what is death or something else, the third? It is these questions that the player must answer in the course of the storyline of the project, although not different in enviable length, but filled with events, as well as with various puzzles that need to be solved for further passage.​
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