Mutant Football League torrent download
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Mutant Football League — a modern interpretation of the once popular game under the console Sega Genesis, dedicated to the theme of American football in a somewhat distorted form of reality. Well, although the meaning remained unchanged, the ball should be delivered to the end of the opponent’s field or to prevent the latter from breaking through to your territory, but how this will be achieved, the topic is separate. The game process is not disgusted dismemberment, the mass
Action Indie Sports | 31-10-2017, 15:24 | 499 | 1.5 GB
Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back torrent download
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Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back — another game, performed in a cartoon style. Here you can play for an already familiar character. Together with him you will go to the legendary adventure, where you will have to find the golden fleece. The player is on a planet unfamiliar to him, the study of which will take quite a long time. It will be necessary to fully study the world around, to investigate all rivals, and also to find ways to bypass or some of their weak sides. In fact,
Action Adventure | 31-10-2017, 15:07 | 467 | 929.0 MB
Tanki X torrent download
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Tanki X is a new multiplayer game that is very popular among players in the CIS countries. Most likely, such popularity was ensured by the possibility of playing without installing the corresponding software. After all, for a normal launch, you can simply go to the official website of the game and thus join the real virtual league for this game. Well, for real professionals it’s still possible to download a special client, with which you can see a completely different level
Action Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Early Access | 31-10-2017, 08:12 | 500 | 909.42 MB
Syrian Warfare Return to Palmyra torrent download
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Syrian Warfare is a game that should in no way be confused with a well-known series of shooters with a first-person view, called Call of Duty. Work on this project was completely different people from the Cats Who Play studio, and the genre of entertainment itself is completely different and represents a real-time strategy, which, nevertheless, also can not but rejoice. The developers were able to tell about the terrible events of the war in Syria through such a virtual
Indie Strategy | 31-10-2017, 07:58 | 1 473 | 5.0 GB
Middle-earth Shadow of War torrent download
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Middle-earth Shadow of War is a full-fledged second part of the famous franchise, which was based on the events of no less famous movies and series of books on the expanses of which unfolded the most large-scale fantasy battles of all that was ever placed on the expanses of popular media products. But this time the developers decided to go over all the boundaries of the reasonable, because now the players have a full opportunity to take control of not only the beloved hero,
Action Adventure RPG | 30-10-2017, 05:59 | 5 880 | 38.7 GB
Nights of Azure 2 Bride of the New Moon torrent download
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​The second part of the lesbian-RPG series «Yoru no Nai Kuni» will tell a new story about «A country where there is no night» — an inhospitable place, whose inhabitants are every night besieged by the thirsty blood and flesh of the monster — jao. The ruler of the country, the curia, tries to maintain order with the help of the paladin army, but their attempts are futile. Only the sacrifice of the bride’s chosen moon can seal the Ruler of the Night that is reborn again and
RPG | 26-10-2017, 08:51 | 782 | 7.1 GB
The Escapists 2 torrent download
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Continuation of the popular escape simulator from prison The Escapists 2 was again developed by Team17. You have to play for a criminal who plans a grand escape. At the beginning, you need to select a character (set appearance and name). You find yourself in the most guarded place. Go to the dining room, shower, for a walk and again behind bars, spend your personal time. After the end of the day, progress is saved, and you will be able to load a control point in the event
Arcade Top-down Simulator Strategy | 24-10-2017, 16:10 | 938 | 916.43 MB
Fernbus Simulator torrent download
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Fernbus Simulator — the first simulator that allows you to join the popular long-distance transportation. Thanks to cooperation with FlixBus, Fernbus Coach simulator transmits the world of passenger traffic on German autobahns and small roads in the smallest detail. Driving the modern tourist bus MAN Lion’s Coach, you can immerse yourself in the routine work of bus drivers. Route routes through a complex network of highways and small roads to reach the bus stations in more
Simulation | 24-10-2017, 15:57 | 1 748 | 2.7 GB
Debris torrent download
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Debris is an atmospheric single-player adventure game set in a surreal frozen ocean. Trapped in the depths, you must reach the surface to survive. Power is scarce, your team is lost and unusual creatures lurk in the darkness. Escape together or die alone. You’re part of a small team sent to film a promotional video for a groundbreaking discovery: meteoric debris embedded deep in Arctic ice that provides clean, hyper-efficient energy. But as your dive begins, several
Adventure First-person 3D Horror | 24-10-2017, 15:47 | 393 | 3.7 GB
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